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Meagan’s Playlist February 15, 2009

Posted by Zack in Everything Else.
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Who is this chick who loves every song I’ve ever loved?  Seriously, I want to know.  All I know is her first name.


Now, some of you might be confused on why the hell I’m trying to figure this out.  Well it’s not so much a good story as it is an odd moment.  Jesus Christ, stop setting it up Zack and just say what the hell you’re talking about.

My iPod has been really messed up lately.  When I say messed up, I actually mean broken.  That being said, it’s not stopped me from constantly trying to get it working again.  So I tried rebooting the damn thing.


I tried simply plugging it in and waiting to see if it would charge.


I tried erasing the thing and starting from scratch.  No music is better than no iPod… right?


Frustrated I began checking FAQs online.  Through the hundreds of forums that came up, I managed to find one that wasn’t just a bunch of pricks bitching about girls and MAC products.  This one was actually helpful.  It said maybe I should update my iTunes.  Knowing full well the issue was my iPod, and not my computer, I ditched all logic and decided to give it a shot.

This didn’t take too long.  Quickly my computer restarted and went back to it’s regular ‘Watchmen’ plastered self.  I opened the iTunes and searched for any sign that my iPod had communicated with the mother ship.

Zero Life detected.

But there was one thing I hadn’t noticed before.  Under my music and movies tab, there was one label that was brand spanking new doug.

“Meagan’s Playlist”  I was intrigued.  Who was this Meagan and why is she on my iTunes?

Now, to explain this, we must travel back a couple of months.  When Ryan and I first moved into the slum-house that became a home, our wireless router stopped working all together.  As I began to shop for a new router, I bought one that was entirely too complicated for my own good.  This proved to be both a good and bad thing.  You want me to start with the good or bad?

Since there is absolutely no way I can hear you not reacting to that question, I’ll go ahead and just tell you the bad news first.  AHEM.  The bad news was that I couldn’t set the password on the router due to it’s inability to be used by both a MAC and a PC in the apartment.  It would work on my MAC, but couldn’t even be detected, or searched for, on Ryan’s PC.

So we never set a password for the damn thing.  ANYWAYS*, it’s been months so I never thought about the fact that someone might be actually using my wireless connection.  This is a good thing because it lead to this moment where I spotted…

“Meagan’s Playlist”

Out of pure curiosity I opened the playlist.  After many minutes of loading, it appeared in front of me.  It was around 20 gigs of music all together and began the same exact way as mine did.

Dancing Queen by ABBA.

I nodded in approval and began to scroll through the days and days worth of music.  As the list flew upward I began to notice something that drew my attention.  This girl had wonderful taste in music.  But it even wasn’t like the girl stuff.  She had every Beatles album (if you don’t realize at this point how much I love The Beatles, then you don’t know me( and every Beach Boys album.  She had Dylan, The Darkness, Zeppelin, Floyd, Timberlake, Meat Loaf and The Smiths.  At this point I was impressed and curious of this girl whom eclectically rocked (Thanks to Babz and Josey for making that sentence actual work).

This would have been enough for any normal person to be impressed.  But not so much for me.  It was what came next that surprised me.

You see, I grew up and a very hardcore Christian home and was only allowed to listen to “non-secular” music.  So I listened to DC Talk, Audio Adrenaline, and The OC Supertones (who are oddly featured in Kingpin, the polar fucking opposite of “non-secular”).  She had all of these bands and more Christian music that I remembered but never actually listened to.  It was amazing.

She had Aerosmith, U2, Queen, Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson, The Who and a wide assortment of hair metal.  I was blown away by this music taste.  Mostly because it’s EXACTLY what I listen to.  I’d never heard anyone have such an insane collection of things besides myself.

But a question was brought up at this moment in my mind.  Where the hell is this girl?  She was obviously within 100 feet of my apartment, which, I think, is the range of my wireless Internet.  So she either lives in the house behind me, beside me, or across the street.

It’s not like I expect to have anything happen with this chick.  Nor do I want anything to happen.  I just need to see a damn face to connect with the list.  Maybe this is an obsession, or an odd type of stalking but I have to find this chick.  I have to meet her and I’m not entirely sure why.  I’m intrigued.

I’m desperately seeking Meagan.

*Sorry about the capital ‘ANYWAYS’.  Been reading alot of Chuck Klosterman lately…**

**Sorry again for the ‘*’.  This happened for the same reason.



1. Tuttle - February 16, 2009

Well, my first impulse was to say that, since she was on your unprotected router, she was actually scamming YOUR music. But, from your further comments, i guess not…?

2. Tuttle - February 16, 2009

Well maybe that doesn’t explain all of it… but some?

3. Caitlin - February 16, 2009

god, i hope she’s not one of those girls that pronounces it ‘mee-gan’. deal-breaker for a stupid name. just sayin’.

4. Kevin Hall - February 16, 2009

I shall call you “Nick” and her “Norah.”

5. Broody Magoo! - February 16, 2009

I’m going to start an over/under pool that this story ends with a meet-cute, a late night conversation, alcohol, tears, “Let It Be,” and a gender reversal of the latest Jennifer Aniston movie. It’s literally “She’s Just Not That Into You.”

Or did I give the plot of my own life away?

6. Leif Erickson - February 16, 2009

I think you just got all your music back, and the name Megan accidentally got associated with it. So basically you want to meet and have sex with yourself. Which is like just another Saturday night.
And that sentence *doesn’t* work. In that case, it should be *who* rather than whom, since it’s in the subject position.
Ha ha! You didn’t know an obscure grammatical tidbit! You’ll never get laid by Megan now!

7. Mike - March 1, 2009

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8. An old friend - March 14, 2009

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