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Zack Hightower: The Backstory


I’m not going to tell you where I was born because it doesn’t matter.  I’ve never really understood when people do that.  Like them telling you that they were born in, oh I don’t know, Maine really changes your perception of them.  It’s like I ask for a cup of coffee then immediately change my mind if I found it it was brewed here.  Doesn’t matter.

I will say though that I’m from Kentucky and just recently moved to Los Angeles and …  Holy shit that’s a big dog.  Run bitch …  Sorry.  Watching Cujo while I type this because apparently it’s too hard for me to do only one thing at a time.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, Los Angeles.  I just moved here to pursue acting like the other 3 million people who arrived in the last six months.  I’m currently taking classes at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade and enjoying the hell out of it.  Plus I’ve met some pretty cool people.  Those people will not be discussed here.  Unless they do something stupid, then they will be  …  Grab the bat!!!  Grab the bat!!!  Nail that snarling asshole  …  discussed here.  I’m a pop-culture junkie who constantly goes to AV Club and love discussing anything somewhat related.  I write not because I have good ideas, nor because I think I’m a good writer.  I write because sometimes there’s simply not anything else to do.  So enjoy.  I hope.


Here are some things extra that you might find interesting.

Because you asked for it, here are all the answers to the universe, in order of importance.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe
  4. Twinkies
  5. Rupert Grint
  6. Xanadu
  7. Beep Beep Tooky Wa Wa
  8. Turkey Wrap
  9. Purple Rain
  10. Heaven is a place on Earth.


1. mayhemgolgotha - July 28, 2007

aha! i knew Xanadu was one of the answers!

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