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Retro Blogs: The Uncomfortable Gamble March 30, 2009

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WARNING: This is a very personal and at times graphic essay.  If you are squeamish at all, please think twice before reading.  This will be my last “Retro Blog” so I decided to go all out.  I hope you enjoy it and yes Leif, this is also my Odd Object Essay I sent to you in class.  You might want to not read it.  Enjoy…



Retro Blogs: Kanegate, Part Two January 2, 2009

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First and foremost, I apologize for the late publication.  A whopping two of you have shown your disapproval.  Ryan and I’s internet was shut off due to us not having any fucking money to pay a bill.  Whatever, that’s neither here nor there, back to the story at hand. (more…)

Retro Blogs: Kanegate, Part One December 24, 2008

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Before I begin, I must tell you that all of this is 100% true.  At times, it won’t sound like it.  I assure you though it is to the best of my memory.  Kyle also vouched for authenticity of the story (for what that’s worth).

Right after high school, Kyle and I didn’t have jobs.  We were lazy ass bums, if you will.  It always consisted of us renting the worst movie we could find and stay up all night, just watching them and laughing our asses off.  So, naturally, we wanted some excitement in our lives.  Something to do.  This is when we decided to begin prank-calling people.  This is what lead to not only the longest drawn-out, but best prank we have ever pulled on anyone.  It’s an event that Kyle and I fearfully call Kanegate.


Retro Blogs: The Bear Claw December 10, 2008

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I remember where I was when my mom told me my grandfather had died.  I was sitting in my father’s house.  I don’t remember why, but I was alone and couldn’t have been older than 14.  The house was dark, despite the large window on the left of me.  I was getting my jacket on, heading out the door to play with a friend down the street when the phone rang.

My mother’s tone scared me.  She was serious… very serious.  She asked me if anyone had called me.  I told her no.  She told me that what she’s about to say is difficult to hear.  I sat silently until the news was broken.  I cried in the recliner in the living room, alone.