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Well, I’m Twenty-Two Years Old… November 6, 2007

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I’m twenty-two years old and it doesn’t feel any different. At all… it’s nice, to an extent, except the only one I have to look forward to is the 25th birthday (I can then rent a car, in which I promptly will). All together, I had a wonderful birthday, I got drunk, had a wonderful dinner, got good presents, and finally finished my James Bond collection. That’s right, it doesn’t sound like much but it took me 6 1/2 years to find them all, individually and not in a huge box set. I’m stoked, now I own all 21 James Bond movies, even the “Sir James Bond” movie ‘Never Say Never Again’. It’s a crapfest but hell, I’m a completists. What are you gonna do, right?

Heroes this season blows something fierce. Gone in the wonderful character development, gone is the kick ass villains, gone in the wonderful battles that jump started the show when it was in a downward spiral. Gone, gone, gone. The latest episode that aired tonight is promising, but it’s too much drama for me. More action, less drama. I tune in to watch superheroes fight and save the world, if I wanted drama, I’ll rewatch Dawson’s Creek.

The writer’s strike is killing me. The office is officially shut down, 30 Rock is shut down, Heroes filmed a new ending for the December 3rd episode that will double as a season finale if the strike isn’t resolved in time. Battlestar Galactica is puched back from December to April, which pisses me off because dammit, I’ve waited long enough, I want more cylons! The Daily Show is officially shut down and so is Colbert. The thing I’m most worried about is my two favorite shows of the new season, Chuck and Reaper, might go on hiatus, leaving me with literally nothing to watch. Dammit, just when Chuck was getting good… All I have now is fucking reality shows and I hate that shit with a passion. Frack reality TV.

I’m really, REALLY, excited about fall movies coming out this year (They will be followed by the trailers). First and foremost, the one I’m most looking forward to…

1. No Country For Old Men: The Coen Brothers have, for the most part, not disappointed me. And what is making a huge comeback? Westerns! Yes! I love westerns so much, 3:10 To Yuma kicked major ass and I’ve got huge hopes for ‘No Country’.

2. There Will Be Blood: When I first heard of this, i thought it was a cheap Saw rip-off. It’s anything but though and written by my favorite screenwriter Paul Thomas Anderson, the amazing writer/director of Magnolia and Boogie Nights… I’m so excited, plus, who doesn’t like Daniel Day Lewis….

3. American Gangster: I love Russell Crowe as an actor. He’s my go-to guy for wonderful movies (except for that shitty movie where he got drunk and drank wine for two hours). Plus, Denzel Washington is also a strong actor, how can this movie not be good? Seriously?

4. Beowulf: Who deosn’t love Beowulf? Out of all the books and tales we read in high school, this one stood out above the rest, leaving me wishing I could fight monsters and be bad-ass. I can’t wait for this movies, besides, Robert Zemeckis has a wonderful eye and I want him to make a comeback.

5. The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford: I saw Casey Affleck in ‘Gone Baby Gone’ and was blown away by his performance. He’s a wonderful actor who can steal scenes like no other and it’s nice seeing him in something thats not n ‘Ocean’s’ movie. Plus, Brad Pitt seems like an obvious choice for Jesse James and apparently is amazing. I know, it’s already showing, so is American Gangster, these are the movies I haven’t seen but want to so incredibly bad.

Well, that’s all for me tonight, it’s late.. well, not really but my body thinks it is due to the time change… Goodnight.


Early Morning Channel Surfing July 23, 2007

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I can’t sleep. I know, it’s not exactly early or anything, but damn, I woke up early on my day to sleep in. It blows. But no worries. History Channel has something on. It always does.
*Flips directly to History Channel*
Of course, I’ve already seen this specific show. The eternal question that I know is burning in all of your minds (all 7 of you) is this, ‘I know that you’ve seen this show, but how many times can you watch a special on Bootleggers and Rumrunners?’ Once… I can watch it once. Then, i know what’s gonna happen and since it’s a documentary, i can only watch it once.
*Flips to TBS*
Ahh yes, Saved By The Bell. Is there an episode of this show i haven’t seen? No, no there isn’t. I’ve also watched the entire run of the dreaded ‘College Years.’ Hell, we all make mistakes, right? Man, Peter Engal is a whore. I remember this show being awesome when I was little, back in ’90. Ooh, Rysher Entertainment, there’s a familiar logo. Kinda makes you feel at home. Okay, i seriously don’t wanna watch this episode. Lisa charged her dad’s credit cards entirely too much too many times.
*Scoops up remote and flips randomly*
Out of the ground, came a bubbleling crude… Oil That is, Black gold, Texas T… I used to watch this show alot growing up too. I think this episode is later in the series when they were starting to run out of ideas. Get this laugh riot, Jethro opens a resturant and it doesn’t get any customers, so he drives around adn notices Topless Waitresses recieves more buisness, so he takes the hat off Ellie-May and makes her serve food. Classic.
*Get’s frustrated and flips to his DVR menu*
Oh, I recorded ‘Batman Returns.’ I literally have not seen it since it came out in ’92 and remember it being freaking awesome. I was severely wrong. 1) Batman doesn’t do jack shit in this movie. 2) The Penguin kinda sucks as a villain. 3) Catwoman, though hot as hell, as proved time and time again, can’t save an entire movie. Also, is it just me or is Bruce Wayne like the most uninteresting alter ego ever? He walks around with eye candy and attends Charity Events. Yeah, breathtaking huh? Ironically enough, the interaction between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are both witty and sexually charged. It promises a better film than it delivers. Why the fuck does the Penguin own a pet monkey? WHY DOES BATMAN HAVE PERSONALIZED STATIONARY?! FUCK THIS MOVIE. DO IT RIGHT OR DON’T DO IT AT ALL!
*Deletes the film from his DVR*
I’m fairly sure that Kate Beckinsale is the hottest woman alive. I introduce to you, exhibit #1.
I rest my case.

I’m gonna try and get some more sleep.

Pirates 3 and Season Finales May 25, 2007

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I saw Pirates 3 last night at the 8:00 showing. Was it good? Yes, it kicked some major ass. It managed to do what the second installement couldn’t do, have fun with the characters. the second movie is so plot driven that the characters seemed to fall under the wieght of the script, just walking through each sequence because it leads to the next sequence. Luckily, this entire third movie is character driven leaving us with a much easier plot to follow and all the fun from the first movie. Sure, it’s a little long, but I assure you I was so into it that I looked at my watch two hours into the film and was actually sad it was going to end. It flies by, i mean it too, not one overly long scene I don’t care about (Damn you first 40 minutes of pirates 2… you almost had nothing to do with the whole movie. You could have died on the cutting room floor and I would have rejoiced). What do i give it? Easily 8/10. It was damn good, but not perfect. The movie fails where most films fail, huge promise with not much payoff. The last 25 minutes of Pirates 3 is incredible, both as eye candy and writing, it’s just awesome. But what about the eight other pirate ships behind them literally just floating there, looking on. What about the thousands of East India Company ships sitting there, awaiting something that never comes. The film isn’t without it’s plot holes.

Veronica Mars went off the air this Tuesday for good. Rob Thomas (creator and writer) said that he was talking to the CW about a Veronica Mars show taking place during her first year at the FBI Academy. I don’t think it will happen. Though, after watching the final episode, I want to see more. It just stopped… Literally, the show stops. The only finale I can think to compare it too would be Angel. An abrupt ending because the creators of the show didn’t have enough time between getting cancelled and the end for the season to wrap up all the story lines. I believe that Veronica Mars was the best show on the air for two years and the third season was still pretty damn good. This show has a long life if they fast forward and put her in the FBI Academy. I’m not ready to let go of this incredible character.

Am I the only one that watches Smallville anymore? I think i am. I watched the season finale (spoilers coming up) and i geeked out hardcore. Even more hardcore than last season when Zod came to Earth and banished Clark to the Phantom Zone. It was awesome. But this season ended with almost every supporting character in the show being put in the situation where none of them can survive, and one didn’t (Supposedly). That was bad sentence structure. Anyways, The season ended (deja vu anyone?) with Clark fighting a raifth from the Phantom Zone and it took some of his DNA, creating Bizarro Superman. Pretty cool huh?

Heroes was a let down for me (Spoiler Alert). I expected this huge finale when all the episodes leading up to it were bigger and bigger. The thing is, I love Heroes, it’s arguably the first superhero show created specifically for adults. I just expected so much more for the finale that it was destined to fail in my eyes. Maybe I’m not the best person to talk about this but ohh well, here goes. I’ve watched it fromt he very beginning, i wasn’t a fan until the Clair woke up in the middle of an autopsy at the coroner (“Oh Shit”). That was the fourth episode. i always give new shows four episodes to win me over, sometimes they can hit their stride rather quickly and create something wonderful. Heroes was one of these shows. the first couple of episodes dragged by slowly causing me to grown with every new character they introduced. Did I care about most of it? No, it was nothing this long time comic book fan hasn’t seen but then they did something that the Spider-Man movies do so damn well, focused on the characters and not the powers. The characters are what we care about in Heroes, not the powers they have. I would still care for Peter Petrelli if he didn’t have his powers because he’s so likable, same with Claire.
I’m going off into a tangent. The reason I didn’t like the season finale was that it was so small. They made it into this huge thing all season and it brought (almost) every character from the show successfully into one place. I just have some questions.
1. How the hell did Nikki know to hit Sylar and not Peter with the parking meter? To my knowledge she hadn’t met Peter or Sylar or even heard about them. i could be wrong, I probably am but I just don’t remember.
2. Why the hell couldn’t Peter just fly up into the sky himself? Is it because he can’t use two powers at once? Or is it because in the middle of the season during his vision of the explosion Nathan walked up to him and the writers had to put that in for continuity sake? I dunno, I just don’t understand.
3. Why was it suddenly so easy for Hiro to run up to Sylar and stab him? All the training in the world by Sulu doesn’t make Sylar less powerful. Why couldn’t Sylar just stop him?
It was a good ending for the first season of Heroes, but it’s not when compared to the hype it created. Let’s hope the show will just get bigger and bigger. Hell, even Buffy’s first season finale was a let down. It only got better though… assuming you leave out the fourth season all together.

Grey’s Anatomy was uninteresting. I don’t know why I continue to watch that show.